How To Stop Caring About What Others Think Of You (Tricks That Helped Me)

I’ve spent the better part of my life caring about what other people think of me. But not anymore. In this video I share the things that helped me to stop caring about what other people think of me, and I also share a little bit about my struggle throughout high school and college.

In school, I would try to change myself to try and fit in with the ‘’cooler crowd’’. I remember a few times where I would beg my mom to get me a specific type of shoe or jeans that was in style just because I thought that would help me to fit in better.

In college I came to the realization that I based my happiness around what I looked like, what I was doing and how ‘’successful’’ I was. My success was literally based around what other people thought of me. That needed to change.

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7 Ways You Can Make Yourself Smile Today

The best way to brighten up your day is to SMILE! But that doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes, simplicity is all that it takes to have a better day.

If I’m having a rough day, I usually do one of the following things to bring a smile on my own face.


Go outside

Just go and take a walk! Especially if it’s sunny so you can get some Vitamin D in. Some fresh air is good for the soul, even if you’re not a super outdoorsy person. Did you know that people who spend more time outside are generally happier? Makes sense to me.

Help someone else

This is probably my favorite. By far the best way to turn my frown upside down is to help someone else. Maybe it’s a friend that’s having a rough time or taking some work from the hands of your co-worker. No one around you that needs help? You can always buy coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbucks. 🙂Read More »

How To Stick Up For Yourself: Learning To Be Assertive

Do you know that Spongebob episode where Plankton yells at Spongebob to be more assertive? That’s kind of what I want this blog post to be.

Okay, not really, but I do want to talk to you about being more assertive – because it’s going to be an incredibly useful tool as you learn to stick up for yourself.

Being assertive is letting someone know what you need and desire, as well as how you feel. It shows confidence, dignity and self-respect. People who are non-assertive (passive) are often quiet, they come off insecure and sometimes can’t get their basic needs met.


Don’t confuse being assertive with being aggressive – they are two completely different things. Here are some great ways you can stick up for yourself without coming off aggressive!

Don’t be afraid of the negative

Life lesson number one: you can’t always say yes to everyone. This is something I used to struggle with in the workplace a lot. I wanted people to like me and to think I was a hard worker. So much, that I overworked myself. It’s important to realize that your own health always comes first.

Very often the fear of standing up for yourself comes from a fear of what the outcome will be. A co-worker will think you’re lazy, a friend will think you don’t like them etc. But I have noticed that people value my time more and overall respect me more as a human being when I started saying no every so often. Read More »

How To Be More Body Confident: On Body Image, Marketing and Losing Weight

How can you be more body confident when everything around you reminds you of the fact that you’re not perfect?

In this video I talk about the things I do to love my body. I’m not perfect and I sometimes still struggle with it, but I’m much better than I’ve ever been. I don’t obsess over food anymore, something that I used to do all the time. I also don’t beat myself up anymore because of the way I look, because I know my body is MORE than just something that’s supposed to be pretty.

My body carries me around, it lets me do things I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. That’s how I learned to be body confident and to love my body.

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5 Healthy Ways You Can Deal With Jealousy

Jealousy is part of our human nature, and it can feel impossible to get rid of the annoying, nagging feeling.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Jealousy can drive us to become a better version of ourselves, it can help us reach our goals and put things in perspective. But it becomes problematic when it takes over your life, it negatively affects your mood and makes you feel bad about yourself.

“It becomes problematic when we act out in jealousy or we wallow in it,” says clinical psychologist Christina Hibbert, PsyD.

We often feel jealous in romantic relationships, or when we look at other people’s successes, talents and strengths.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also trigger jealousy. And with that, they can help you develop a negative (body) image (I talked about this in a recent video) and even depression. I wanted to share some general tips that have helped me deal with my jealousy in the past.

how to deal with jealousy 5 tips

Asses your jealousy and learn from it

We can use our feelings of jealousy to help us grow. First, it’s important to recognize the jealous feeling – and that it’s just that, a feeling. Then, ask yourself when and why you get jealous. For example, you get jealous every time your friend plays the piano because she’s so good at it. Rather than wallowing in this jealousy, you sign up for piano lessons and start practicing. Read More »

Declutter Your Life: How To Make 2017 Your Year Of Minimalism

As a chronic declutterer (that’s a word now) I wanted to share some tips for the beginners out there. Here are 5 tips to help you get started, so you can end 2017 on a great note and with (hopefully) a decluttered home!

Decluttering has helped me to think more about the kind of things I buy before I buy them, and because of that, I’ve saved tons of money. That’s what I love about decluttering, it’s truly a great way to save money, produce less waste and improve your own quality of life.

How do you feel about the declutter hype? Have you tried decluttering yourself? Is it for you? If so, what are your decluttering goals for the year?

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4 Tips For Getting More Done Every Single Day (Without Feeling Busy)

I need to tell you something.

I never finish my to-do list. It’s endless, and there are always a few things that don’t get crossed out. I’m constantly striving to finish it all, but it never happens.

But guess what? That’s okay.

I’m not perfect, and even though I strive to finish as much work as I can, I can think rationally and realize that there are always new things to add to the list. But over the years I have found a few things that have helped me to get as much done as possible, without overstressing myself.


Setting a timer

Also known as the Pomodoro technique, this technique is supposed to make you more productive without actually making it feel like you’re overworking yourself. It’s simple: you work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. Repeat 4 times, then you get a 20 minute break. During my break I walk away from my screen and breathe a little. This helps me to stay focused longer and get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Wake up earlier

Something you don’t want to hear.. I know. But it works! When I became a morning person I added so many more hours to my day, and my morning hours were actually the most productive ones! Start by waking up 15 minutes earlier than you’re used to. Then 30 minutes. Then 45 minutes. Use the peace and quiet of the early morning to complete your most important tasks and you’ll forget that extra hour of sleep in no time. Read More »